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Merchandise Shops

and start making money instantly...

It's Free and Easy and you will earn money from every item sold in your shop.
We print and deliver - you just need to provide design ideas and promote your shop.


Raising Funds
Selling merchandise featuring your designs is a great way to raise funds for your chosen charity, school or for good causes. Using our "Raising Funds" template you can create your own Fund Raising Shop.

Club Shops
Offer Club Merchandise without the risk of being left with unsold stock and still make a profit. Use our "Club Shops" template to create your own Club Shop.

Designer Stores
If you like to create your own designs or images, you can make money by creating a designer store to sell merchandise featuring your designs.

Fan Stores
If you are fanatical about a team, a music star or someone famous, you can open a Fan Store to sell t-shirts and other merchandise featuring your fan ideas.

If you have your own brand, logo or corporate identity, it's easy to create a Merchandise Shop for free. Ideal for Bands who want to make a profit without the risk of unsold items.

For more information and to open your own shop visit www.merchandiseshops.co.uk